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Harrisonburg, VA

Drywall and Joint Treatment

Your One-Stop Shop for Harrisonburg’s National Gypsum Drywall Products, Joint Compound and Finishing Supplies

Looking for a building supply company that has a local touch but carries a range of national gypsum drywall board? At Commonwealth Building Materials:

  • We provide a full inventory of residential and commercial national gypsum drywall products and drywall finishing products.
  • We offer the most state-of-the-art products in Harrisonburg for types I-V construction uses.
  • Our highly skilled team will help you select and order the best national gypsum board and joint compound needed to complete your commercial or residential construction project.

We know from experience that there are many elements that play a role in your project’s success. In Harrisonburg, choosing the right drywall or joint compound is critical when completing a professional construction job. Therefore, the inventory in our Harrisonburg yard includes a variety of products such as:

  • Soundproofing drywall
  • Regular gypsum board
  • Fire resistant sheetrock
  • Moisture and mold resistant drywall

We offer standard sheetrock sizes by manufacturers such as Gypsum, USG and Panel Rey. We also supply sheets in options such as tapered or beveled.

Our top-notch drywall is perfect for all uses.

Many of our customers are working on projects like:

  • New construction and remodeling
  • Fire retardant applications
  • Quick fixes/patch-working
  • Waterproofing walls
  • Semi-exposed structural areas such as porches
  • Soundproofed walls
  • Interior rooms, from ceiling to floor

Along with a number of drywall options, our Harrisonburg location also offers a number of specialty products.

  • Glass mat panels are growing in popularity for water resistance and are stronger than standard gypsum board, making them helpful when working in high humidity and storm-susceptible environments.
  • For under-layers for ceramic tile, we offer tile backer. It’s easier to handle than cement board and is great for remodeling bathrooms, pool areas, and overall humid or wet areas.
  • Our soundproofing gypsum board is appropriate for meeting rooms, hospitals and even the home office.

Call us for a consult on the best drywall or specialty products for the Virginia climate.

Our joint treatments help you complete the job.

Your drywall project isn’t complete without the proper compound to seal joints and create a seamless base for painting. Based on our years of working in the surrounding areas of Harrisonburg, drywall joint compound and various finishing products are top-of-mind among our specific recommendations to give your interior walls and ceilings an even, expert finish. We offer:

  • Ready-mix joint compounds
  • Setting type joint compounds
  • Taping light joint compounds

The flexibility and plastic qualities of drywall joint compound also make it useful in decorative designs that range from texturing to architectural embellishments. Current mixtures are available in a range from slow-drying to quick-drying, tailored for the different needs of:

  • Contractors
  • Interior designers
  • Architects
  • Remodelers
  • Home owners

Commonwealth Building Materials partners with the best manufacturers to ensure top of the line drywall and finishing products are available for our customers. Gold Bond, Ruco and USG’s Plus 3 products are just some of the brands we offer.

If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to hear from you! Let us help you determine what will work best to create the finish you want. We deliver to commercial and residential sites, keeping your project on schedule.

Need to talk to an expert to help with your next project?

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