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Lynchburg, VA

Steel Framing

Your Lynchburg Structural Steel Studs and Framing Supplies Leader

Commonwealth Building Materials maintains a complete line of ready-to-deliver metal framing supplies for both your residential and commercial building needs.

  • Our warehouse carries one of the largest in-stock inventories of Lynchburg structural steel studs and track system accessories.
  • Our steel frames are crafted from mill-certified galvanized steel and are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and weights.
  • We can also have your steel cut to length to meet your specifications.

Our team of building supplies experts will help you determine which metal framing and Lynchburg cold formed steel studs sizes best suit your building needs. Products available include:

  • Light gauge structural steel studs and track – designed for use in interior non-load bearing designs, manufactured in thicknesses from 15-33 mils
  • Heavy gauge cold formed steel studs, track and joists – designed for use in curtain wall and load bearing applications, manufactured in 20 gauge to 16 gauge with flange/leg sizes ranging from 1 ¼ inch to 3 inches
  • Shaft wall studs, track and jamb struts – created as rigid high performance products to maintain shaft wall integrity, manufactured in 25 gauge, 20 gauge and 18 gauge

All of our Lynchburg structural steel studs and tracks are crafted from mill-certified galvanized steel. Our products offer customers a practical and economical solution for attaching fire and acoustic rated walls, stairwells, bulkheads and corridor ceilings to internal and non-load bearing partitions.

Our partners in Lynchburg cold formed steel studs and framing are the best in the business.

Commonwealth Building Materials in Lynchburg is proud to offer full manufacturer support for all construction aspects of our steel framing and accessories. We carry a large selection of steel from top-rated manufacturers like:

  • ClarkDietrich
  • Flex-Ability Concepts
  • JN Linrose
  • Marino/Ware
  • MBA Metal Framing
  • Niles Building Products
  • Philips Manufacturing
  • Radius Track
  • Southeastern Stud
  • Steel Structural Systems
  • Super Stud
  • Telling
  • The Steel Network

When you order your steel framing from us, Commonwealth’s experienced team and state of the art fleet will deliver your order to your jobsite with full stock and scatter service. This means we will place the steel exactly where you need it. Customers may also make will call orders ahead of time for pickup at our Lynchburg yard.

We carry all types of steel accessories and Lynchburg cold formed steel studs sizes.

Part of our commitment to superior customer service includes stocking a full range of steel accessories for residential and commercial construction jobs. Our products include:

  • Angles/LFR/Shinny 90 – available in multiple sizes and gauges
  • Cold rolled channel – available in multiple gauges
  • Steel clips – available in 16 gauge, 14 gauge and 12 gauge
  • Fire track – available in multiple sizes
  • Flat straps – available in multiple widths and gauges
  • Flex track – available in multiple widths and gauges
  • Furring/hat channel – available in multiple sizes and gauges
  • Low wall/knee wall support – available for multiple wall heights and widths
  • Metal lath – available in different types (expanded, flat, hi rib, etc.)
  • RC/resilient channel – available pre-punched with a ½” depth
  • Security mesh – available as heavy gauge mesh
  • Slotted track – available in 25 gauge to 14 gauge

Commonwealth Building Materials ensures we keep everything you need to properly install and finish your metal framing studs for commercial and residential construction.

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