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Richmond, VA

Steel Framing

Leader of Steel Framing and Resilient Channels Supplies in Richmond

Commonwealth Building Materials maintains a complete line of ready-to-deliver metal framing for your residential and commercial building needs. The Richmond yard carries one of the largest in-stock inventories of steel studs and track system accessories.

  • Our steel frames are crafted from mill-certified galvanized steel and are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and weights.
  • Products available in Richmond include light gauge steel, heavy gauge steel, shaft wall separation and a full selection of steel accessories.

We offer customers a practical and economical solution for attaching drywall to internal and external walls. Our experts at the Richmond yard will help you determine which metal framing best suits your building needs.

Construct soundproof walls using a resilient sound channel.

A resilient channel is a thin metal strip designed to substantially improve the insulation and absorption of sound in drywall. When sound waves hit one side of the drywall it causes a vibration on that side. Without a structure to block the sound waves, they bounce and reverberate, resulting in a “low hum.” This makes it hard for people to hear each other in conversation, or to enjoy the best tones of a musical performance.

If you want resilient sound channels in Richmond, ours are manufactured in corrosion resistant galvanized steel and are available with single or double legs.

  • Installation of resilient channels dampens the energy and reduces sound by suspending the drywall from the steel studs.
  • Single-leg resilient channel is commonly used in wall applications.
  • Double-leg resilient channel has two legs for rapid installation, and is typically used for ceiling applications with multiple layers of gypsum board.

Resilient sound channels are also available in heavy duty 22m gauge or with extra wide screw flange. Consult with our experts in Richmond and discover the product best suited to meet your project needs. Commonwealth Building Materials is proud to offer full manufacturer support for all technical and engineering aspects of our steel framing and accessories. We carry a variety of brands such as:

  • ClarkDietrich
  • Telling
  • MarinoWare
  • Philips Manufacturing

When you order steel framing from us, we can deliver it to your jobsite with full stock and scatter service. Or, customers may call in orders ahead of time for pickup at the Richmond yard.

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