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USG Norfolk Veneer Finish Plaster - 50 lb Bag

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USG Norfolk Veneer Finish Plaster - 50 lb Bag


Delivers smooth or textured veneer plaster finishes. Fast-drying; can be applied directly over Imperial® Gypsum Base.

Norfolk™ Veneer Finish plaster delivers versatile finishing characteristics, creating a beautiful, white monolithic finish. Similar in appearance to Imperial® Finish Plasters, but at a lower strength, Norfolk™ Veneer Finish.

  • Offers smooth or textured veneer plaster finishes
  • May be left undecorated when skip-troweled, floated or applied with other texture techniques
  • Is applied directly over USG Imperial® Gypsum Base in 1/16" to 3/32" thicknesses
  • Dries in as little as 24 hours under normal environmental conditions
  • Is generally ready for next-day decoration with a latex-base breather type paint (PVA paints are not recommended)
  • Offers substantial savings in finishing materials and application time

50 lb bag

Code: norven-50

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